Kris Mattera

Marketing | Communications | Strategy | Design


I tell stories for a living. Everybody has a story to tell and this is mine. I have a passion for creatively using technology. I have a desire to learn how consumers think – to understand what makes them tick. I am curious about the world around me and am constantly seeking out the different ways in which we are all connected.

I’m a marketing and creative professional based in Boston, Massachusetts who has experience in design, account management and strategy. I communicate through words, photos, videos and hyperlinks. I’ve been active on social media for over seven years, dating back to when Facebook was still the “new” thing on college campuses. By having a diverse background in different forms of telling stories and communicating, I can take a holistic approach to my client’s challenges. I can see both the big picture and the different perspectives that are involved in a project.

To my core, my surroundings will never cease to amaze me, teach me knew things and open my eyes to each person’s story.

Please feel free to explore my work, delve further into my work experience or reach out and contact me.